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Adopt a vineyard

Is an initiative launched as part of a wider project for the eco-sustainable development of the territory, it aims to promote the history, rural traditions and wine-growing culture of Valle d'Itria. "Adopt a vineyard" is a way of becoming a virtual grower, it allows you to witness and participate in the birth of a unique product such as the wine. Each of our rows of vines is marked with a number and by a joining our project, with a variable fee depending on the variety of native grape chosen, you will adopt the vineyard row that you prefer and receive 36 bottles of wine produced from the chosen indigenous grape variety, A 10% discount on all purchases of our products, A ticket for a wine-tour experience valid for two people, The possibility of visiting your adopted vineyard at any time, taking photos and making videos.
You will also receive a certificate of adoption as proof that you too are a Winegrower in Valle d'Itria.

You can adopt for yourself or make a gift adoption.

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