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Susumaniello Vineyard
Rosé Wine LE ROTAIE Valle D'Itria IGP

€ 305,00
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    DENOMINATION: Susumaniello Puglia IGP
    GRAPE VARIETIES: Susumaniello 100%
    ALCOHOL: 14%
    SIZE: 0.75L
    TYPE: Red

    Winegrowers in Valle d'Itria
    Adopting a vineyard is a way to become a virtual grower and allows you to witness the birth of a unique product such as the wine.
    From YOUR vineyard, YOUR wine.

    Our proposal:
    The duration of the adoption pact is ANNUAL and starts from the date of the signing of the pact.
    The renewal of the adoption can take place only upon express request by the adopter.

    The adoption fee, which corresponds to a row of indigenous vines, is set at:
    € 305.00 for Susumaniello Vineyard, red wine Verso Sud Puglia IGP

    The choice of the number of the row to be adopted can be made among those available for the adoption.
    The adopter will receive:

    • 36 bottles of 0,75 l of wine produced from the indigenous variety chosen (the cost for the shipping of the bottles is chargeable to the Adopter who can collect the bottles personally without any increase of the price);
    • 10% discount on all purchases of I Pàstini products (not cumulative with any other promotions in progress);
    • a ticket for a wine-tour experience valid for two persons (upon reservation) to be used within the year;
    • The possibility, upon request and on appointment, of visiting the adopted row and watching the work done in the vineyard, the harvest and the subsequent vinification, as well as taking photos and videos;
    • A certificate of adoption to testify that the adopter is a “Valle d’Itria winegrower”.

    The company I Pàstini is responsible for all ordinary and extraordinary management charges regarding the row and no additional management charges may be requested to the adopter in addition to those incurred for this Agreement.

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