The verdeca is an indigenous white wine of Apulia, probably of Greek origin, the period of colonization of Magna Graecia, or Portuguese considering the similarities with the Portuguese Alvarinho. The Faraone is vinified alone. Its color is straw yellow with greenish reflections (hence the name "verdeca"), the scent of intense bouquet, delicate and floral, the taste is dry and cool, all this make this wine particularly suited to accompany fish dishes, shellfish and seafood.
Denomination FARAONE
Valle d'Itria IGP Verdeca
Agronomic data vine variety used: Verdeca (100%)
location area: Puglia - the hills of Valle d'Itria (contrada Faraone)
altitude: 350 meters a. s. l.
type of soil: eluvial calcareous - clayey
farming system: cordon espalier
shackles: 5.500
grape yield quintals: 100 q.li
time of harvest: the end of September
Data winery harvest: collection and selection manual in the box
wine-making: stemming and soft pressing of the grapes, static clarification of the must and fermentation at low temperature
aging: steel five months - bottle 1 months
yield of grapes into wine (%): 60
dry extract (gr./lt): 23,0
total acidity (gr./lt): 6,5
ph: 3,20
residual sugar (gr./lt): 2,5
alcohol content: 12% vol
Organoleptic characteristics color: wine with a straw yellow color with greenish reflections
perfume: intense bouquet, delicate, floral
taste: Dry, fresh, full
Nutritional data 1 g of alcohol = 7 kcal
1 lt of dry wine in 10° C = 600 kcal
1 g of sugar = 4 kcal
Other data combinations: suitable to accompany dishes based on fish, crustaceans and shellfish
service temperature: 10°-12°C
storage: in a cool place, away from light and heat sources
sizes available: bottle lt 0,750


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