Winegrower in Valle D'Itria

The adoption of vineyard is an initiative that we have launched for the development of a sustainable tourism, oriented to appraise the history, farming traditions and culture of Valle D'Itria. “Adopting a vineyard” is a way to become a virtual winegrower. It allows you to be a witness of birth of unique product as the wine. It is an initiative that offers deep information on the development of vine and wine cellar. You can take part to all phases of vine production, even actively, from the pruning to the grape harvest, the visit in the wine cellar and the monitoring of several phases of wine-making. 

From your vineyard to your table-wine.

Our Offer:

The adoption of a row (n. 50 vines) of local grape vineyard.

N. 36 bottles of IGT wine of 0,750 Litre as gift.

Kind of wine according to the row adopted.

The possibility to participate at the cultivation of vineyard and the grape harvest.

The possibility of visiting, video recording and photographing the vineyards in Valle D'Itria and Masseria with 1.700 Trulli (Farm I Pastini owns 1500 of them)

Extra Discount of 10% on all purchases of our own products.

Extra Discount of 10% to all restaurants, Hotels and B&B agreed upon our offer.

Annual cost per adoption of row

Vineyard of variety Minutolo (Rampone Valle d'Itria IGP white wine) Euro 310,00
Vineyard of variety Verdeca (Faraone Valle d'Itria IGP white wine), Euro 230, 00
Vineyard of variety Bianco D'Alessano (Cupa Valle D'Itria IGP white wine), Euro 230,00
Vineyard of variety Locorotondo (Antico Locorotondo DOP white wine), Euro 190,00
Vine variety Susumaniello (red wine VersoSud Puglia IGP) Euro 280,00
Vine variety Susumaniello (rosé wine Le Rotaie Valle d’Itria IGP) Euro 260.00

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How to adopt a vineyard:

1) By downloading the form of adoption, by HERE, filling it up and sending it to the number of FAX +39 080.2221129
2) By making the payment, via back transfer, of the adopted vineyard.

What do you get:

1) By sending the form of the adoption with the customization and numeration of adopted vineyard (see example)
2) Once we have received the payment, we will send you n. 36 bottles of wine of variety that you have chosen of the currently year.

Form more information you can contact us via the form, by clicking HERE, or call to the number +39 080.4313309

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